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2nd Fastest 4 Cylinder car in the world | half mile | Powered by Blue Flame Racing Fuel

Fastest 4 cylinder car in GCC ! Second in the World

The Honda RSX from Spectrum Motorsports-UAE achieved the astonishing speed of 215.7 mph (347kmph) in the half-mile. The RSX made the record of being the 2nd fastest 4 cylinders car on half-mile in the world and the quickest Honda RSX in the World.

We thank Blue Flame Racing Fuel and Spectrum Motorsports for trusting us.


Honda RSX The fastest 4-cylinder car in GCC

The Honda RSX, also known as the Acura RSX, is a compact sports car that Honda sold from 2002 to 2006. It was a successor to the Honda Integra and was available in two trim levels: the base RSX and the higher-performance RSX Type-S. Both models were powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, but the Type-S had a more powerful version of the engine. The RSX was available with a five-speed manual transmission or a five-speed automatic transmission.

A half-mile race is a type of motorsports event in which vehicles compete to cover a distance of half a mile (0.8 kilometers) with fastest speed. These races are typically held on straight sections of closed-off public roads, or on dedicated race tracks.


The fastest 4-cylinder car in a half-mile race would depend on many factors such as vehicle make, model, year, modifications, and driver skill. However, in general, some of the fastest 4-cylinder cars in this type of race are typically high-performance sports cars and modified vehicles specifically built for speed and power.

It’s worth mentioning that we managed to reach 342kmph even without a complete full run. It is also important to note that these times might be changed due to many factors such as weather, track conditions, modifications, and driver skill.

Tuner: Ahmed Issa


Car Mods:
Honda RSX with K24 engine
Stock crankshaft
Aluminum rods
Forged piston
YPerformance custom camshaft



Transmission & drive train:
Quaif sequential 5-speed gearbox
Custom AWD system is done by spectrum motorsport

Turbo: GTX50 88mm

ECU & sensors:
Fuel Tech FT550 ECU tuned by spectrum motorsport
YPerformance pressure sensors (fuel, radiator, crankcase, exhaust backpressure)
YPerformance 7 Bar map sensor
YPerformance smart coil

M1 from Blue flame racing fuel

Blue flame racing fuel is a high-performance gasoline or ethanol-based fuel that is specifically designed for use in race cars and other high-performance vehicles. These fuels typically have a higher octane rating than pump gasoline, as well as different additives and properties that make them better suited for use in high-performance engines.

There are several types of blue flame racing fuel available on the market, each with its own unique properties and intended use. Some of the most popular types of racing fuel include:

  • Methanol: This is a type of alcohol-based fuel that is popular in drag racing and other forms of motorsports. It is often used in combination with nitromethane to increase the power of the engine.
  • E85: This is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. It is increasingly used in racing and other high-performance applications because it has a high octane rating and can produce significant power while being relatively low in cost.
  • E99: this is a type of racing fuel that is composed of 99% ethanol. It is a highly-oxygenated fuel, which means it has a higher oxygen content than gasoline or other types of ethanol-based fuels. This allows for improved combustion, which can result in more power and better engine performance.

All these fuels can only be used in a closed-circuit competition or track events as they don’t meet the regulations and criteria to be used on public roads. It’s also important to note that depending on the class and the rules, each racing series may use different fuel types, so It’s important to check the regulations before using a specific fuel.



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