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RedBull Car Park Drift UAE Qualifier: Winner Powered by Blue Flame Racing Fuel

Emirati drifter Mohammed Al Mansoori has qualified for the 2021 World Championship of Red Bull Car Park Drift. The 30-year-old national secured his spot in the grand finale of the tournament after emerging victorious during the UAE qualifiers that took place Friday 2 April at Souk Al Marfa, Deira Islands, Dubai.In his Nissan Silvia, Al Mansoori beat 35 other participants to make it to the final heat; his next mission is to take on the other national finalists from across the globe at the Red Bull Car Park Drift World Championship 2021, scheduled to take place in Cairo, Egypt later on this year.

He is sponsored by Blue Flame Racing Fuel. He is having 43 podiums in racing and we are

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